Charleston SEO Firm: Google 7 Pack

Charleston SEO Firm: Just What Is The Google 7 Pack?

Just what is the Google 7 Pack? When you get search results from Google, there is up to 7 businesses listed from Google Maps that appear above the organic search results. See the image below for clarification.

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Why is this important? This is prime real estate on Google. Getting your business listed here puts you on top of the first page, where the majority of consumers go. Studies show that the majority of internet searchers (read: potential customers) end up clicking on one of the sites on the first page. Over 90% of searchers click on a website on page 1 of Google.

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The top sites on page 1 get clicked on a larger percentage of the time. Very few people will go past page 1 of Google. If they do, chances are they are doing a lot of research on something—which means they are not in “buying mode”.

charleston seo firm

So, how can you get inside the Google 7 Pack? It is actually not that hard, but requires precise steps and a little patience. However, to try and get ranked on the first page in the organic results takes money, time and patience. Traditional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaigns can be costly—but the ROI is usually worth it.

However, not every local business has the resources for a costly SEO campaign. The Google 7 Pack offers the benefits of a good SEO campaign, but at a fraction of the cost. When coupled with a targeted SEO campaign the results can be enormous—but the 7 Pack listing can be beneficial on its own.

The 7 Pack results are a combination of factors including an optimized Google Plus business listing along with citations and directory listings. Citations and Directory Listings are online listings that help support your online presence.

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But it is critically important that all contact details (also known as NAP, or Name-Address-Phone Number) are consistent across the internet. If they are not consistent (such as old phone numbers, different addresses, etc.), then this can hurt your rankings.

However, if these listings are consistent, then that sends a clear signal to Google that you are a legitimate business. While this process isn’t rocket science, it may not be something a business owner will want to attempt themselves if they are not that experienced online.

One thing you may notice on the above screenshot—there are only 3 listings in the 7 pack. This means there is untapped potential for that industry—4 spots unclaimed. This would be an easy search to rank for.

Even if all 7 listings are filled, that doesn’t mean you couldn’t take over. It is possible that some businesses rank in the 7 Pack but it is a result of chance, and not a focused internet strategy.

charleston seo firm

Therefore, some of the businesses are at risk of getting pushed off the page. Make sure your business isn’t one of those—if you aren’t in the 7 Pack get listed there, and if you just happen to already be there, it would be advisable to solidify your ranking.

You never know when your competition may employ a marketing strategy that will overtake your rankings.

If you would like to learn more about the 7 Pack and the effects the Google Pigeon update had on local rankings, here is a good article to check out.

Fortunately, we at Carmichael have a package of services that will take the necessary steps to get you ranked in the Google 7 Pack—this is known as our Local SEO Package and it offers business owners a marketing solution that gets you the results you desire at a reasonable price. Contact us today if you are looking for a Charleston SEO firm to discuss your online marketing needs.

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