Charleston SEO Firm: Proper Expectations

Charleston SEO Firm: What Should You Expect From An SEO Campaign?

If you are searching for a Charleston SEO firm to help you with your marketing efforts, you will probably see that they all talk about getting onto page 1 of Google. I’ve already covered the value and importance of ranking on page 1, but today I want to look at another factor: setting proper expectations.

charleston seo firmWhen you engage in a SEO campaign, whether you do it yourself or hire someone, one of the ultimate goals is getting your website onto page 1 of Google. Again, that is one of the goals.

But too many SEO firms make this promise, and as a result, they set themselves and their clients up for potential let down. First, getting onto the first page of Google takes time. Anyone that promises a quick turnaround is someone to be wary of.

Any reputable Charleston SEO firm will employ what is known as “white hat” SEO techniques. However, you can use “black hat” techniques to rank quicker–but there is a huge risk.

charleston seo firmcharleston seo firmIn simplest terms, white hat involves basically giving Google what it wants in order to improve your rankings.

If you set up your website yourself or had someone do it for you many years ago, it is likely that there are many important factors on site that are missing or outdated–especially if your website does not currently rank.

Black hat techniques basically circumvent the rules, using questionable methods to basically “game” Google. These methods can be very effective, however there is a big risk. Google is constantly changing their algorithm to keep people from gaming the system, so these SEO “loopholes” are constantly being sought out and eliminated.

charleston seo firm

The Google Slap is actually worse than this!

And if you overdo it and Google catches on, they can literally make your site disappear from the search engines by de-indexing your site. If you get the “Google Slap” it is quite possible that your website will not come up even if someone types in the exact URL.

Fortunately, any reputable Charleston SEO firm will not risk their reputation or their clients trust by engaging in black hat techniques.

Another problem is that some keywords/search terms are easy to rank for, but they are not worth ranking for.

If there is very few to no monthly searches for that term, what is the benefit of ranking on the first page for it? You won’t see much if any traffic and you certainly won’t see any business from it.

There are also what are known as “buying” keywords–these are keywords or search terms that people use when they are close to or ready to take action. Whether that is call you to set up an appointment or ready to buy whatever you are selling, these are the “money” keywords.

If people are just starting the process and aren’t anywhere near ready to buy use different search terms than people ready to buy. If you rank well for the beginning-of-the-process search terms, you will likely see a good amount of traffic to your website, but you won’t see any improvement to your bottom line.

charleston seo firmSo, if you engage in a SEO campaign, but you don’t quite hit page 1, is all lost? Certainly not.

There are many benefits to a good SEO campaign, whether or not you end up on page 1. Here is an article that really explains this in better detail.

So, this all comes back to setting proper expectations at the beginning. And unfortunately, too many SEO firms suck at this.

When you are passionate about SEO, the ultimate goal is getting onto the 1st page of Google. Improving a website’s rankings is the measuring stick many SEOs use to judge their performance.

However, business owners don’t really care about rankings, page 1 and all that other SEO-speak. They simply want results, and to them, results are more sales/customers/clients.

Too many SEO firms will provide businesses with reports showing how the website ranking is coming along–“We started with your site not even ranking, and 2 months in we are at position #136. 2 months later and you are up to #78. So, we are making progress!”

charleston seo firm

“Show Me The Money!”

As a business owner, do you even care?

That is why I approach things differently. At the end of the day, you want to know your bottom line is increasing. But the various reports do serve a purpose.

The majority of people do not understand SEO exactly, or do they really care. However, it takes time to rank a website, along with money and patience.

But it isn’t enough to tell a client that all is well, just sit back and wait. Trust me.

So, the reports–such as showing how your website is improving it’s rank over the course of a campaign–is necessary to show tangible evidence that work is being done. It happens “behind the scenes”, so the reports do show that something is happening, even if it can be a process of getting there (and not simply overnight).

That said, I just think too many companies rely too heavily on their ranking reports. It’s as though they have nothing else.

Having proper expectations from the start is just one thing Carmichael does differently. Sure, we strive to get you on the first page of Google. But, our approach is a little different.

We want you to see why it is important to be there, as well as the value of being there. We also stress the importance of increasing your web visibility. Being seen in more places on the web so that it is easier for potential customers to find you.

While this includes page 1, it includes many other factors that aren’t necessarily tied into being on page 1 (although many of these non-page 1 factors can contribute to your rankings).

At the end of the day, the goal of our SEO campaigns include getting on Google page 1. However, our only concern is the same concern you have: getting more business. It really is as simply as that, and that should be the proper expectation for any SEO campaign.

If you are looking for ways to increase your business, there are many strategies that can help you accomplish that. Online marketing is one of the most effective ways to do that in today’s world.

Contact us today and see why Carmichael Online Marketing is not your typical Charleston SEO firm.



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